Here’s A Bit More About Me


I stand at 5ft 1″ and I’ve always been described as a sassy fire-ball  but that wasn’t how I’ve always felt as I’ve battled some insecurities  due to my height and petite frame.  When it comes to finding the perfect fit and trends in stylish clothes, as a petite woman I know all too well how challenging that can be!

Also growing up in the Jamaican culture where voluptuous curves are embraced and considered more “womanly, didn’t make it any better for my self esteem.

It really took a lot of self awareness, countless pep talks and confidence building to begin to accept myself. Thankfully I’ve grown to appreciate my body as is and have since discovered the art of marrying my own unique style to the trends that work best for me. Yes, I do consider fashion as art. An avenue of self discovery and self expression.

I’m sure many other girls have been through similar experiences like mine, so join me on my journey in building a community of empowered women who can also discover that through fashion YOU can embrace your true, confident selves!

You can find me on Instagram at @petite.anika